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It is important to read this section before you proceed to the Entry Form

The official closing date for on-line entries is 15th July 2017. Late entries will be accepted up to 31st July 2017
Please note that pack samples must arrive no sooner than 15th July but must be received by 31st July 2017. See the packaging sample requirements section below.

The cost per entry will be
R 5,000.00 (ex VAT) for IPSA members (The contact person on the entry form must be an IPSA member in good standing).
R 6,000.00 (ex VAT) for non IPSA members
A 20% discount applies for two or more entries submitted by the same entrant.

The on-line entry procedure does not have to be completed in one session. You may begin the process and log-out without completing everything required. Remember to SAVE your changes. You may login again at a later date to complete the process. However all entries submtted in time for the original deadline are considered complete. Any entries submitted after the original closing date (15th July 2017) are subject to the late entry fee. You may enter as many packs as you wish using the same login details. The total entry fee for all your entries will be calculated automatically.

Entries will only be submitted for judging if the full entry fee payment has been received. The Payment must be received by 1st August 2017.

What will you require for the On-Line Entry
You will require the following information and items for the online entry system -

  1. ENTRANT'S DETAILS: The precise names and descriptions of the entry and the entry company's name. You will need the details for the convertor and the brand owner. Please be accurate with these, as this information will be used as the winner's details for the awards.
  2. KEY FEATURES: A VERY SHORT summary of the main features of your entry - no more than 50 words.
  3. MOTIVATION: A maximum of 300 words to support why your pack is a winner. The judges will be specifically looking for the excellent application and execution of anything that may involve new, innovative or creative design, marketing or technology applied to packaging in South Africa. You must type this information into the text box provided.
  4. PACK VISUALS: At least 2 digital images of your pack (MINIMUM 300 dpi, width 6cm, height 5cm. MAXIMUM file size 10MB in PSD, TIFF or JPG format). Please ensure that these are good quality representations of your entry as they may be used for publicity purposes.
  5. ADDITIONAL SUPPORT INFORMATION: You may upload additional pictures and documents in the "additional support information"  section for instance highlighting a clever opening/closing device, the difference between an empty and filled pack or detailed technical support information to substantiate claims. But note that the judges are not obligated to read or examine this section and will only do so if your entry inspires or interests them enough to do so.

Entries will only be submitted for judging if the full entry fee payment has been received. The Payment must be received by 1st August 2017.
The on-line entry will indicate the amount due. Use the beneficary reference shown in the entry form for your payment.

Payments are to be made by EFT to
IPSA Gold Pack
Standard Bank
Branch Code: 019205
Account Number: 043013856
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
IBAN: 01920590043013856

Beneficiary Reference: as indicated by the on-line registration

If and when you require a Tax Invoice, please contact the organisers and one will be sent to you. 

One empty pack
and two full packed samples are required for each entry. (Entries from outside of South Africa need only send two empty packs).

Packaging samples must be couriered to arrive no sooner than 15th July and no later than 31st July 2017.

Samples must be carefully packed and clearly labelled with your entry's "on-line entry reference numbers" on the on the outside of the delivery parcel.

Deliver your samples to:
IPSA Gold Pack
c/o Syndicate Graphics
1 Dorryce Lane Morningside Manor
Sandton 2057
South Africa

Special arrangements for large entries, perishable contents and products of high value may be made in writing to
The Secretary, IPSA Gold Pack Awards 

Return of Entries
To avoid unnecessary handling, the return of small value entries should not be requested. In other cases, entrants must declare the total value and insure the entries.

If the entry is successful in gaining FINALIST status and is in the running to win a medal, the entries can be collect after the awards ceremony. If the entry is not selected as a FINALIST it will be available for collection within 2 weeks of the announcement of the FINALISTS. You will be notified at the time.  
If the packs are not collected by the dates arranged, the pack and the contents will be disposed of.


The packaging entered must have been converted in a country in Africa
. It is noted that in many cases the definition of "converted in Africa" may be open to different interpretations. Examples are imported components as a part of the finished completed pack or imported pre-forms for PET bottles. The measure will be how much of the entry can be considered "African" when evaluating the excellent application and execution of any new, innovative and creative design, marketing and technology applied to packaging in the African country concerned. If your entry has imported content, components, technology or any other, these MUST BE DECLARED in your motivation.

The packaging must have been in use or on sale prior to the closing date.

Anyone may enter a pack, however in all cases the converter and the brand owner must co-authorise the entry form indicating their consent and confirmation of all the details submitted.

Packs that have previously won any IPSA GOLD PACK Award are not eligible.

Final closing date for receipt of the completed on-line entry and the entry fee payment  is 15th July 2017. Late entries wil be accepted until 31st July 2017. 
Pack samples must be delivered between 15th July and 31st July 2017. 
The successful receipt of each of these will be acknowledged in the on-line entry procedure

Late Entry Fees
IPSA Members: (The contact person indicated on the entry is a member of IPSA in good standing)
R 5,000.00 + VAT = R5,700.00 (inc VAT)

Non IPSA Members
R6,000.00 + VAT= R6,840.00 (inc VAT)

Two entries or more from the same entrant qualify for a 20% discount.

Entry Procedure
1. Complete the online entry form (before the 15th July 2017 - Late entries up to 31st July)
2. Make the necessary payment (before the 1st August 2017)
3. Check online to ensure that all information requiring verification has been accepted and payment acknowledged.
4. Despatch the pack samples (to arrive between 15 July and 31 July 2017)

You will need at least 2 main digital images of your pack (MINIMUM 300 dpi, width 6cm, height 5cm. MAXIMUM file size 10MB in PSD, TIFF or JPG format). The images must show a good representation of the pack and may be used for publicity purposes.

Optional additonal pictures may be submitted highlighing features of the pack to assist the judging process.

The judging panel will meet in August 2017.  The judges' decision is final. The judges have the right to exclude entries that do not meet the conditions of entry. The judges have the right to move an entry to a different category if it is believed it will fare better by the move. 

Announcement of 2017 Results
All Finalists will be notified by 1st September 2017. The medal winners, selected from the list of finalists, will be announced at the Awards presentation on Wednesday 22nd November (Venue to be announced).  Only the top ranked entry in each category will receive a GOLD medal to be presented during the ceremony. SILVER and BRONZE medals for the entries placed second and third and FINALIST MEDALS for all the Finalists will be distributed on the evening after the awards ceremony. 

All the finalists and medal winners will be eligible for entry into the WPO WorldStar awards subject to the completion of the relevant entry form and payment of fees.



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